Test automation development considering the needs of different teams

Testiautomaatiokehittäjä robot framework

[Telecom sector client behind NDA] In the rapidly evolving world of telecommunications, quality assurance of software is critically important. An international telecommunications company, with a particularly extensive clientele among business customers, felt the need to enhance the use of test automation in its software development. Here, we describe at a technical level how the conglomerate … Lue lisää

Long term partnership with Fortum

Fortum is an international giant in the energy sector, with main business operations extending across ten different countries. Fortum is also a responsible company that promotes change towards a cleaner world with its own strategy. Qubilea has worked with Fortum on software testing and quality assurance projects since 2016. We have been involved in a … Lue lisää

We assisted Custobar in their test automation challenge

Custobar is an automation platform for customer data and marketing for B2C needs. It combines online and offline data into an extensive customer view. Custobar makes it possible to personalise contact with different customer segments based on their purchase or feedback patterns. This enables traders to serve their customers and sell their products in an … Lue lisää