Looking for a solution to the challenges of software testing and the right software tester for you?

The choice is clear – Qubilea is here to help!

In a Nutshell

Our services assist in quality assurance of software across its various aspects:

  • Software Testing
  • Acceptance Testing
  • Test Automation
  • Testing Management
  • Testing Planning

Professional Software Testing Services

Our services encompass the most essential methods of software testing and the industry’s most common tools. You can get a more detailed description of our service range through the following boxes.

Software Testing

We provide experienced software testers and acceptance testing services to ensure the quality of your project and support your team’s success.

Test Automation

Our skilled experts have project experience in implementing challenging test automation solutions and leveraging the most well-known tools in the market.

Testing Management and Design

We help our clients by keeping quality in expert hands and streamlining their software’s quality assurance throughout the entire product development lifecycle.

Software quality assurance is more than just testing!

Software quality assurance is indeed much more than just testing – it is a comprehensive process that the entire project team is responsible for with their actions. Quality assurance starts at the planning stage before a single line of code is written and continues with the experiences gathered through the finished product. This is why many of our clients have turned to us to further streamline their project’s quality assurance practices.

We are happy to assist you from the early stages of the project, and our expertise ensures that we achieve your quality goals efficiently!

What are the benefits of an external software tester?

Why outsource testing? Because it provides you with the expertise you need, quickly. Qubilea is a partner that offers an objective perspective on your software without being tied to its development or stakeholders. This means better decisions and higher end-product quality!

Qubilea’s testing services bring top-class, highly skilled testers with extensive experience in various testing methods and tools. You don’t have to worry about internal training or hiring new staff – you benefit from our expertise immediately, without additional hassle. Choose us and let your project shine!

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