Test Automation

We implement customized test automation solutions tailored to our clients’ needs. Whether it involves finding and implementing a new solution or further developing existing automation tests, we ensure that you receive the most expert service utilizing the industry’s best methods.

In a nutshell

The test automation services we offer include:

  • Test automation development
  • Planning and implementation of test automation
  • Evaluation and customization of test automation tools
  • Coaching development teams for automated testing

Finding the right test automation?

Are you looking for a test automation solution that fits your project perfectly? Qubilea approaches test automation in the spirit of partnership, meaning we do not offer a ready-made package, but instead, we customize the solution together with you based on your needs.

We believe that the best tool is the one carefully chosen, taking into account the needs of your team and the specific features of your product.

When we start working together, we organize a technical meeting where we dive deep into the heart of your project. During the meeting, we examine factors such as: 

  • The product development process and team
  • Programming languages used
  • Architecture and integrations (on a general level)
  • Development and testing environments
  • Quality goals and general wishes
  • Schedule and preferred operating model

With this information, we ensure that we can choose a solution that best supports your team and your goals in terms of quality and efficiency from the beginning to the end of the project.

The right tools for test automation

The right test automation tool is one that is suitable for its intended use, easy for the team to use, and easy to maintain. It should support software development as seamlessly as possible and be scalable for long-term needs.

We never offer a pre-chewed solution, but often start by examining commonly used and proven tools, such as:

  • Robot Framework
  • Cypress
  • Playwright

Depending on the use case and need, we also look at other solutions offered by the ever-evolving market and their features.

Choose Qubilea’s test automation services, and ensure that your test automation serves your project in the best possible way – now and in the future!

Did you know?

If the inclusion of test automation in a project is delayed, it can cause additional work and headaches for your busy developers.

We want to emphasize the importance of test automation from the early stages of software development, as timely started test automation also supports other testing and smoothens the development work!

Is the purpose of test automation API testing or user interface verification?

Definitely use it for both!

API testing ensures the functionality and correctness of data in software back-end systems, while user interface testing ensures that the end-user perspective is taken into account. Utilizing test automation in these two areas offers several advantages.

In API testing, test automation enables efficient and repeatable testing of interface requests and responses. Automated tests can cover a wide range of scenarios, such as incorrect inputs, various response codes, and data validation. Automating API tests saves time and resources compared to manual testing and can be integrated into continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD), improving the productivity of the development team and the quality of the software.

User interface testing also benefits from test automation. Automated UI tests can simulate user actions in the application, such as clicks, inputs, and navigation between pages. This allows for extensive test coverage across different use cases and environments. Test automation can detect bugs and issues in the user interface early on, reducing the cost of error correction and improving the quality of the final product.

Did you know?

Automated API testing is faster than testing performed through the user interface and provides a solid foundation on which user interface testing can be planned and performed.

Interested in test automation?

Need a test automation expert?

A common factor among our experts is excellent technical competence and a diverse experience in even challenging testing projects. Our general principle is that the client always receives a motivated individual from us whose adaptation to a new team is quick and trouble-free.

Technical expertise is important to us so that work with test automation proceeds in the best possible way. Therefore, skills such as Python, JavaScript, and C# are well mastered by our experts, and they have a good understanding of today’s basic software production methods and working rhythms.

Meet our experts!

Qubilea Team

Did you know?

Test automation tests the specifics and wholes for which the tests are designed, where the design of the tests has an extremely high importance. The effectiveness of automated testing is formed by the commitment of the development team to its use, whereby the continuous development and maintenance of the tests are an integral part of the development process. A perfect test strategy combines automated and manual tests, and we help ensure that you get full benefits from both approaches.


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