Case Varjo Technologies. Even virtual reality requires quality assurance!

Varjo Technologies is a rapidly growing Finnish technology company that develops virtual and mixed reality software as well as the first VR and XR glasses in the world that can match the resolution of the human eye. Their customer base includes big players in the industrial sector, such as car, simulator and aircraft manufacturers and airlines.

Among other projects, we have collaborated with Varjo on quality assurance tasks related to their VR/XR glasses.

Testing has involved a wide range of different quality assurance tasks, such as motherboard compatibility testing using different configurations, robustness testing that looks into HW/SW combinations in unexpected use cases, for example, and acceptance testing of devices received from the factory before delivering them to end customers.
In addition to these tasks, the assignment covered a number of individual tasks, building of testing environments, and various types of tinkering with and tweaking of technological solutions.

The Qubilea specialists also have strong technical expertise in quality assurance that focuses more on hardware. The majority of us have backgrounds in testing tasks in the mobile sector, which require solid skills in software and hardware quality assurance as well as laboratory measurements carried out in the form of non-functional testing. When selecting and training our staff, we focus on ensuring that their skills match even the most challenging scenarios.

This makes it possible for us to dive into the projects of customers like Varjo with relative ease, ensuring the customer gets a skilled professional who can adapt to its hectic research and development activities at a short notice.

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