Testing Management and Planning

Testing must be led and quality assurance must be planned with care.
With the expertise gained from numerous testing projects, we offer our clients service solutions for testing management and planning tailored to diverse needs.

In a Nutshell

Our experienced test managers play a key role in the management and planning of testing in software projects. They coordinate and report on testing activities while providing steadfast support to your team to stay on schedule.

We also offer a review service that we call test auditing. With this service, we help our clients streamline their product development quality assurance, leading to more efficient and cost-effective processes.

Testing management. Whose responsibility?

Unfortunately, in software projects, testing planning and management often overflow into the project manager’s to-do list, which can lead to quality issues and project delays.

Qubilea recognizes this challenge and offers experienced test managers who are dedicated masters of quality assurance.

A test manager’s responsibilities typically include:

  • Review practices in testing
  • Openness in communication
  • Monitoring the documentation of testing and its quality
  • Maintaining understanding among different project stakeholders
  • Planning, coordinating, and resourcing testing.

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Trust an expert in testing management and test planning

The basis for a high-quality software product is laid even before the first line of code is written. A professional test manager is key to guiding processes and practices that ensure a high-quality outcome.

This frees up the project manager to focus on their own area of expertise instead of testing management, bringing peace to the project’s progression and better sleep for the entire team.

Did You Know?

A very popular role we offer is the so-called hands-on test lead, whose job description includes a balanced mix of both managing testing and participating in the technical work. This has proven to be a very effective model especially in small and medium-sized software projects.

So, what exactly is an audit…?

What do we mean when we talk about auditing? It is a carefully conducted assessment by Qubilea that delves into the core of your project’s quality assurance. Our goal is to guide our client towards higher quality and smoother product development by identifying and addressing any bottlenecks and barriers in your processes.

The audit begins with discussions with key personnel in the client’s company – from project managers to developers and from testers to quality controllers. Through questions and conversations, we first obtain a comprehensive overview of your practices, after which we delve into the details and any challenges.

In our audits, we do not just focus on the testing activities but also examine aspects such as:

  • Documentation
  • Communication
  • Tools
  • Team’s working methods and practices

Based on this external, independent perspective, we compile a review report that offers concrete recommendations and acknowledges what is already working well.

Did You Know?

We don’t come into your project as miracle workers, but our external experts bring new ideas and extensive experience from various software projects and organizations, providing valuable benchmarks and insights.

Qubilea’s audit is not just an assessment – it’s a pathway to continuous improvement and innovation in your software development.


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