We assisted Custobar in their test automation challenge

Custobar is an automation platform for customer data and marketing for B2C needs. It combines online and offline data into an extensive customer view. Custobar makes it possible to personalise contact with different customer segments based on their purchase or feedback patterns. This enables traders to serve their customers and sell their products in an even more personalised and automated manner than ever before.

Our task was to develop test automation based on the use cases determined by Custobar. The goal was to create automated regression testing content to test the features of the Custobar tool from as many points of view as possible.

Custobar is loaded with different features; we focused in particular on the Flow part of the tool, which is a kind of a flow chart tool in terms of its visual operating principle.

In the Flow user interface, the user can create paths by dragging and combining different components and define functions for them using settings and attributes.
This way, you can create automated paths in the tool that define how different customer events and feedback, for example, are directed and processed automatically in the system.

What the Qubilea specialist says:

In the original plan, a major part of our working hours was dedicated to testing the Flow view. Visual and interactive functions that are intuitive to people may be a challenge in terms of the development of test automation, which is why it is good to be prepared for the unexpected. In these cases, the code will inevitably be more complicated than in a regular ‘click ’n’ verify’ case. The code library created for testing the creation of a diagram was also used extensively in other test cases. For this reason, it is important to consider the code carefully to enable it to handle future changes and additions without ‘breaking’. It took some mulling over but we finally found the right solutions, and test cases started to find their automated forms quickly.

As the solution for test automation we used Cypress, which utilises the JavaScript language commonly supported by browser technologies. Cypress is an excellent choice for test automation for browser-based services, particularly if there are people with JavaScript skills in the team.

We added more use cases later, and in the end there was twice as much automation content available as originally planned.

Comment from Samuli Gröhn, Product director, Custobar:

Qubilea took responsibility for automating the testing of Custobar’s Flow functionality, and they wrote extensive end-to-end tests while our own team focused on software development. The work the Qubilea experts did makes it possible for our own team to improve our service in the future without fear of regression.

Qubilea stands out thanks to their Cypress expertise, which made it possible for them to write the test cases for interactive applications in a manner that our team was familiar with, using the tools they are used to.

For more information, see:  www.custobar.com