Software Testing

Our experts work closely with you either as part of your development team or in a coordinating role, to ensure that software testing is of high quality and efficiency at every stage of your project.

In a nutshell

Our services include, among others:

  • Functional testing
  • Exploratory testing
  • Regression testing
  • User acceptance testing (UAT)
  • End-to-End testing
  • Custom solutions, such as “bug hunting”

Collaboration for high-quality
software testing

Continuous communication with various stakeholders in the project is central to our operations. This enables us to process and correct findings promptly, reducing the repair time and ensuring adherence to project schedules.

Improved teamwork through collaboration between testers and developers enhances understanding of the software functionality and promotes final product quality.

By partnering with Qubilea for software testing, your project will meet high-quality standards and be technically advanced.

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We offer testing services for software solutions, including:

  • Web-products
  • Mobile applications
  • Desktop software
  • Information system products
  • Embedded systems

Especially in user interface products, we specialize in emphasizing the user experience as an important part of quality definition.

Software testing. What do we consider important in our work?

Good communication

Along with technical competence, communication is one of the most important aspects of product development. Well-managed and justified meeting practices, jointly followed ticketing and documentation rules, and mutual contact among team members are also important for software quality assurance. Additionally, the tester must keep communication channels open with the project’s key individuals to ensure smooth bilateral information flow. Here, Slack and Teams are among our favorite tools.

Clear bug reporting

Clarity is everything, also in testing. When reporting bugs, it is essential to provide developers with a direct route to the source of the discovered error and the corrective actions needed. To achieve this, we aim to make our bug reports as comprehensive as possible, including a detailed description of the actions leading to the error, spiced up with screenshots or video captures and log files, when possible. And, it’s never a bad idea to have a brief chat with the developer to ensure that the bug is correctly understood and contains all the necessary information for correction.

Challenging and innovating

We often join our clients’ teams as an out-of-the-box operator, suggesting new and efficient solutions that can improve the team’s performance or enhance the features of their products. We are also happy to assist with the selection of suitable tools, add value through our experience, and help our clients navigate the challenges of product development more smoothly.

Exploratory testing is at its best as end-to-end testing!

Exploratory testing is a strategy where testers delve deep into the software’s operational logic and user experience. Creativity and innovation are central elements of this approach, enabling even rare perspectives to be considered in testing.

Unlike traditional testing methods, which rely heavily on predefined test cases and scripts, exploratory testing is a dynamic process that encourages testers to adapt their strategies as they gain new insights about the application being tested.

Exploratory testing is often end-to-end testing, offering a comprehensive view of the application or system’s operation, typically from the user’s perspective.

This holistic approach simulates the real usage environment and ensures seamless integration and optimal user experience. Exploratory end-to-end testing helps identify potential issues and ensures the high quality of the software before release.

Did you know?

Exploratory testing truly encourages testers to think creatively and innovate testing scenarios, revealing hidden problem areas and improvement opportunities that might otherwise go unnoticed.

By choosing us as your partner, you ensure that your software testing is innovative and thorough, leading to a top-quality end result.

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Acceptance Testing – The last safe station to pull the emergency brake!

Imagine acceptance testing as the last safe stop before releasing your software. – a place where the emergency brake can still be pulled if seen as necessary. It’s a critical phase where reported bugs and errors are thoroughly examined. If any problems are found during this phase, they can be fixed quickly and cost-effectively compared to errors detected in the production phase.

Acceptance testing, also known as UAT, is a collaborative effort that involves various stakeholders with different technical and business backgrounds. This stage of work is essential for identifying any last-minute issues that could cause gray hairs for end-users. It is an effective tool for helping ensure that the final product meets all the requirements and is ready for release.

We have extensive experience with the routines of acceptance testing. Our testers approach your software with a fresh perspective and evaluate its functional quality and user experience objectively while keeping in mind the business needs and technical requirements. This external perspective is invaluable – it brings out deficiencies that may be overlooked by those who are too close to the project.

We are happy to assist your team in planning, coordinating, and executing acceptance testing, providing an out-of-the-box independent perspective on your software’s quality and user experience!

Did you know?

Conducting acceptance testing and taking corrective actions based on the results ensures that the software product meets expectations, functions as intended, and increases stakeholder confidence in the software project.

Effective acceptance testing is crucial for reducing delays, avoiding budget overruns, and saving both time and money in software projects.


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