Qubilea as an Employer

Qubilea, founded in 2013, is a small company specializing in software testing and test automation services. Even the owners of the company work hands-on in customer projects, so we understand very well what working in this demanding field means and requires.

Qubilea as an Employer

As a small company, our advantages are flexibility, an open atmosphere, and quick responsiveness to just about anything.
Being small does not mean being limited; as a financially stable company, we can implement things just as well as the bigger players, but with less bureaucracy.

We are primarily looking for experienced testing professionals who dare to jump into the deep end of client projects as independent experts, working there as solution-oriented and self-directed professionals. We value technical skills and general knowledge of today’s software development methods.

Additionally, we are happy to involve our employees in the development of Qubilea as a workplace and as a company. Sales, marketing, skills development, or even recruitment matters are all possible areas where our employees can participate with responsibility if they wish.

Our important values

  1. The importance of enjoying work, which we maintain by finding projects that best suit our staff’s motivations and development goals. For the sake of enjoyment, we also organize a lot of communal activities, often around good food and often quite spontaneously. We don’t have a fun budget, so if an idea sounds nice, we just go ahead and do it!
  2. The importance of leisure time. We always take care of our work diligently and keep clients happy, but otherwise, we’re as free as birds. That’s why our staff benefits include an extra week of annual leave per year and generous cultural and sports benefits. In their free time, people do what they want, clearing their minds from work matters.
  3. The importance of learning something new. Work assignments will be chosen considering your development needs, but if that’s not enough, you open Slack and write directly to the company’s CEO about your desire to learn. He usually responds within a minute and will even plan the next steps over lunch with you. We don’t pressure you into courses and certifications; instead, you proactively tell us what you want to learn next in your career, and our job is to support you in your goals.

Working at Qubilea

Our employees are individuals, each of whom we want to offer a secure employment relationship, a pleasant work community, stable pay, and relevant benefits. It is a matter of honor for us as an employer to be able to direct our people to projects that motivate them to further utilize and develop their existing skills.

Each of our client projects is a new fascinating professional adventure into the world of software quality assurance, from which one always returns richer in experiences and skills for the next challenges.

We have no other set-in-stone employment benefits than

  • An extra week of annual leave per year
  • 400 EUR/year for cultural and sports benefits
  • Comprehensive occupational health care at Mehiläinen
  • Extended leisure-time insurance for employees

Phones, electric desks, and other gadgets are also taken care of normally with us! ☺

FAQ for Working at Qubilea

How often do projects change?

The average duration of our customer projects is about 2 years, but often more. Therefore, it is a virtue for a software testing consultant to be open to variation and to adapt smoothly to the work communities of new projects.

What if there is no project?

Most of the time there is. Of course, sometimes the start of the next project can be delayed, during which you might have to wait a while. During this time, it means that we learn something new or do an internal project tailored according to your interests and wishes. Your salary continues to run normally during this time.

Where is Qubilea’s office located?

We do not have an office. Since work is either carried out at the client’s premises or remotely, a physical office does not add significant value to our operations. We compensate for the lack of a social gathering place by organizing recreational days and evenings several times a year, and of course, there is always lively conversation on the company’s Slack channel almost every day. This model works very well for us!

How do you take care of skills development?

We do not have a training budget or a set training process; we operate entirely based on need but encourage learning something new. So far, we have organized trainings based on the employee’s own wishes and preferences, either as separate study modules or as internal learning projects within the company. We are very happy to support skills development, and in this sector too, the world is open to us!

Want to join the team?

We are always interested in experienced professionals in the testing field, so call 050 487 3265 or send an informal application with a CV to contact@qubilea.fi, and let’s consider together how we could proceed!