Qubilea is a software testing company, located in the Helsinki metropolitan area, that specialises in quality assurance of digital solutions.

You have a track-record of versatile software testing tasks. In this context, ‘experienced’ means that you have work experience in agile software projects using modern working methods and that you are able to work independently.

You enjoy software testing as a profession, find it fascinating to dive into new software projects, and do not lose sleep over complex devices or – my goodness – responsibility!

You know that you are good at what you do, and you can also explain why.

As an employer

Our typical customer projects are development projects related to digital service development or mobile solutions, which is why we particularly value skills related to them. Our customer portfolio includes all kinds of companies, from start-ups to international public companies in different sectors. In projects, we excel as testers, test managers and combinations of these two roles, which we call working as ‘hands-on test leads’.

Being small is our strength; it enables us to focus on the essentials – our staff and customers.

  • We offer a competitive salary with additional benefits
  • Instead of pinball machines and large office spaces, we invest in free time: we offer additional paid holidays as an employee benefit.
  • Motivation is key to advancing your career, which is why we think that interesting tasks, optional training of your choice or your own technology projects are important.

We all work hard on our customer projects, and the workplace is usually at the customer’s premises or in a remote office at home, for example. Nevertheless, you’ll never feel alone because you can always contact your colleagues, including the top management of the company, for support or a casual chat in our company’s Slack workspace.
Hobbies are important, and we sometimes introduce our colleagues to our own hobbies on our recreational days.


When you first contact us, use your own words to tell us about yourself and the software testing tasks that you are interested in and that motivate you.
We’ll get together a couple of times to see if you and Qubilea are a perfect match and if we can be an employer that offers interesting challenges that best suit you.

What we offer:

  • A salary,  which is certainly in competetive level.
  • Free time. +1 week more summer holiday per year (Saturdays do not consume our employees annual leave)
  • A career. When you want to learn more and improve your skills, we offer our full support and pay for your training. If you want more challenging tasks, it’s our job to find them for you.
  • Basic benefits. Lunch, sports and culture allowance (€400 per year), remote work opportunities, good insurance coverage and an extensive occupational health service that includes dental care, provided by Mehiläinen.
  • Trust and enthusiasm
  • Nice colleagues

Particularly expected:

  • Versatile work experience in software testing – after all, you have worked on a variety of different software projects or testing teams.
  • Good communication skills, even in international environments.
  • You focus on solutions and won’t throw in the towel when you encounter challenges.
  • You can take the helm and bear responsibility.
  • A positive and flexible character that ensures that you fit well into different work communities.
  • A hobby that you might even be interested in introducing your colleagues to.

Highly appreciated:

  • Work experience in mobile testing and exploratory testing.
  • You are a technically-oriented person who enjoys tinkering around, configuring and hacking.
  • You’re comfortable with MacOS/Linux/Windows/Android/iOS systems and understand their command lines as well.
  • Familiarity with test automation/DevOps/CI solutions
  • Interest in participating in the development of Qubilea’s operations in terms of business activities, work community or other activities

Send your free-text application and CV to:  contact@qubilea.fi

Feel free to get in touch, even if you aren’t actively looking for anything new at the moment.
Maybe you are interested in hearing about new projects and job opportunities in the future!